The digital screen, also known as the hand-painted screen and the writing screen, is a type of computer input and output device.
The digital screen is generally composed of a liquid crystal screen, an active digital pen and a support frame, and is mainly used in many design fields such as animation design, industrial design, and clothing design.

Digital screen, A new product that changes the way the computer is used and revolutionizes the office environment. It completely changes the traditional computer usage mode of the display + mouse + keyboard.
The digital screen integrates the LED display and the tablet. The user can use the matching pressure pen to directly input the screen on the LCD screen, including handwriting and drawing.
In addition to the non-radiation and space saving features of the LED liquid crystal display, the digital screen can also directly input the screen input, and the writing feeling is the same as that on plain paper.
As a high-end computer input and output device, the digital screen can make the office environment more concise and stylish.
Because the mode of input screen input is intuitive and efficient, the LCD pen display has broad application prospects in various application fields focusing on the use effect and corporate image, such as finance, medical, multimedia production, architectural drawing, design and publishing.