The principle of electromagnetic induction is adopted on the tablet hardware.
During the cursor positioning and movement, it is completely completed by electromagnetic induction.
Inside the tablet of the tablet, there is a circuit board, commonly known as an antenna board, with copper lines arranged horizontally and vertically.
The digital tablet is cut into a certain number of squares, and a balanced crisscross magnetic field is generated above the board surface. The nib is on the tablet. When moving, the magnetic field is cut to generate an electrical signal. Through multi-point positioning, the tablet chip can accurately determine the position of the pen tip of the tablet.
Therefore, during the movement of the tablet cursor, the pen can be moved without touching the tablet, and the sensing height is generally 15 mm.
The principle of active wireless tablet is different from that of passive wireless. The pen with battery can release a certain magnetic field, while the pen without battery is reflected by the magnetic field generated by the digital plate.
The pressure is generated by the pressure resistor in the pen, and the pressure is fed back to the tablet by the magnetic field signal.